Sandakan Death March


Sandakan is one of the most tragic Australian stories of World War Two. But it’s also one of our most heroic.

After sixty six years, you can walk the Sandakan Death March track in the footsteps of those heroes.With Sandakan Spirit as your trekking company, you’ll be participating in both a personal discovery experience and an historic Borneo adventure.

That’s because our treks across the Sandakan Death March follow the original route as closely as possible. We avoid using “short cut”, “eco” or alternative tracks that are logistically easier, ensuring that you see the real Borneo, and the original Sandakan Death March Route.

This is made possible because of research from respected authorities on the Sandakan Death March, Don Wall and Dr Kevin Smith.

Managing Director of Kilimanjaro Spirit (and sister trekking company Kokoda Spirit) Wayne Wetherall is an expert trekker and passionate adventurer who has walked the Sandakan Death March Track many times. Along with his Borneo partner Jerome Robles, he has uncovered what he believes to be the missing links and lost sections of the “Death March Track” of Sandakan.

They have been very fortunate to meet a number of the old local people from Borneo and hear first hand and record their experiences of the Sandakan Death Marches.

The Sandakan Spirit trek and route is based on information from the official Office of War Graves, grave recovery map, data from the National Archives and Australian War Memorial, Department of Army report on Major Jacksons Borneo Mission, Report by Major R.E Steele, WO. W. Wallace and Sgt R.J Kennedy and translations of Japanese war records.

We use a variety of accommodation on our treks including camping next to Rainforest Rivers and staying in traditional Dusun Villages along the way, this gives you a great chance to embrace the traditional culture and mix with the locals and hear firsthand the stories of their forefathers.

We see the Sandakan Death March as an explorer, historian and adventurer.

When you trek with Sandakan Spirit, you will too.